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Why it is impactful

SynCloud is about more than merely cost reporting.

It is a solution leveraged by organizations to avoid overspending on cloud and optimize their cloud spend in a multi-cloud environment. SynCloud supports:

Google Cloud

Huawei Cloud

Microsoft Azure


Alibaba Cloud

“ SynCloud helps us a lot in reducing wasted cloud spending which now we keep optimizing costs over time. " 

Cost Control

  • A complete picture of cloud costs with combined usage information and cost data

  • Omnichannel communications for seamless experience across budgeting and cost control over all your cloud services

  • Control over cloud costs while maintaining application performance

Predictive Forecast

  • Visualization of cloud usage trend with forecasted future costs via machine learning

  • Intelligent decision support for managing existing or prospective cloud services or applications

  • Visibility to assist in making the right cloud spending decisions​

AI Colleague

  • Instant response to cost-centric questions

  • Recommendations for reducing wasted cloud spend and idle resources

  • Convenient access to monthly billing reports across all your clouds

  • Alerts for users or managers of overruns or anomalies in cloud spend

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