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What is SynCloud?

SynCloud is the Cloud Economy AI tool organizations need in a multi-cloud world.

If you are going to check any one of below checkboxes,

have moved to cloud in your digital transformation journey

are using more than 1 kind of cloud service

need to keep a handle on the costs generated by cloud services and resources

you will definitely find SynCloud an essential tool ensuring better ROI from your move to cloud.

Who is SynCloud?

SynCloud is built by the team KBCloud, the multi-cloud expert, with a mission to help brands maximize benefits of being on the clouds.


While multi-cloud deployments are gaining steam, cost optimization across different cloud services is a huge priority for organizations. There are many best practices to follow in order to control cloud spending for all the cloud services you are using – these are what SynCloud excels at.



focus on business efficiencies and competitive advantages cloud adoption brings you


take good care of your cloud cost management and optimization to maximize your benefits

Start now

Get a demo to experience how SynCloud can make your life much better in cloud cost optimization 

Our capabilities and professionalism are not limited to SynCloud.

Go explore more possibilities with us!

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