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The Cloud Economy AI:

The AI you need when multi-cloud has become the norm.

“A very handy SaaS solution for cost management in any cloud services. “


The challenge in the multi-cloud world

Cloud adoption is now a norm for digital transformation journey and multi-cloud deployment has become a predominant strategy. As a consequence, cost optimization and management across various cloud services has been a leading challenge for large organizations where control of cloud services is decentralized.


"Cost Summary, Cost Forecast, Cost I can have answers to all these queries at my fingertips!"

Instant response to cost-centric questions


"On cloud,  it's easy to spend without governance and control. With notifications for anomalies, cloud bloat can be prevented.​"

Anomaly detection with predictive forecast


"It's super convenient to check all the cost and usage summaries for different cloud vendors on one single plane with every bill archived automatically."

Single plane visualization

The AI you need after going cloud

IT departments are not the only business units migrating to cloud services in order to take advantage of flexibility and scalability. With the rapid growth in cloud services, organizations find the need of artificial intelligence to overcome the hurdles to cost optimization like increased billing complexity and the lack of data and application metrics over time.


SynCloud AI Portal




Predictive Forecast




SynCloud_Tool Background 3.1_Optimized.j

SynCloud is a multifaceted cost management solution involving cost control, predictive forecast and intelligent cause analysis.

Essential tool to rein in and optimize cloud spending

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